The Loftiest Goal

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I have yet another goal to add to my list for this year and beyond that I hesitated to even write down because of my fear of failure.

I have a fifteen-month lease on my apartment that begins in just under one month.

After that, I am never signing a lease again.

I gave some serious thought to van life. The idea of traveling sounds amazing. The idea of not having a safe home base sounds terrifying. The ongoing gas and vehicle maintenance/repair costs are also not very appealing.

I decided the best plan for me is to buy a few acres and build an off-grid self-sustaining homestead. Land is pretty cheap in the middle of nowhere, which is exactly where I want to be.

I need to be totally debt free to make this happen. I also need to have some form of non-location based passive income.

So, in the next 16 months, I am going to pay off my credit card and car, trade my car in for a truck and buy a cheap RV and cheap land to put it on.

Goals should scare the shit out of you, right? Writing this goal down is terrifying because now I am held accountable for it. I know it’s lofty, but I’m done wasting my life being anything but free and happy.

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