Furnishing my Apartment and Filling the Hole with Stuff

My apartment still isn’t finished like it should have been before I moved in. The painters kept rescheduling and no-showing and are supposedly coming this Monday to finish. (Except they said that last week, so we’ll see…) I asked the apartment management to refund some days from my rent because of it. They agreed to three but I asked for more since it’s been a shitshow for two full weeks now. I am still waiting to hear back from upper management, but I really hope they agree to refund more days. All of this should have been done before I moved in, not while I am living here.

I have been trying to fill the hole in my heart by buying a shitload of stuff. Except it is stuff I actually needed, like a couch, a bed, a vacuum, and a light, so I don’t feel too bad about spending money and it’s easy to justify. (Okay, the neck and back massager and the rug for the dining room were not really necessary, but I got a hella good deal on them and I don’t regret buying them at all.)

Surprisingly enough, the less than $200 mattress I bought has been absolutely fucking incredible. I have gotten some of the best night’s sleep on this thing than I ever have on any other mattress. Or maybe it’s because I am no longer living in a toxic environment. Either way, it’s SO comfortable. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from a mattress for less than $200, but I am absolutely thrilled with this purchase. The pillowssheets, and mattress protector I got with it are also pretty damn incredible. I love the simplicity (and the price) of the Ikea bed I got to put it all on.

Since I needed a vacuum and I couldn’t find a decent one for under $200, I sprang for the Roomba that works with my Google Home. (Oh yeah, I traded STBXH my portable Bose speaker for the Google Home he got for Hanukkah. WIN!) I am pretty fucking pumped about this vacuum. It should be here this week, I think. I can’t wait to tell my home to vacuum itself while I’m sitting on my couch. I’m pretty sure I can set it up to vacuum on a predetermined schedule, too. Hello twenty-first century! (Still no flying cars though…)

I also bought a smart light. The bulb is here, but the lamp for it to go in won’t be here till Monday. I am so excited for this. It connects to my Google Home, too, so I’ll be able to tell my light to turn itself on and change the mood with different colors. Fuck yes!

It’s been really awesome being able to make all these decision about what to get and how to decorate my home on my own. Not having to make any compromises has been pretty fucking great.

I decided against getting a roommate. Although cutting my housing expenses in half would be pretty sweet, it’s not worth giving up my freedom. I am starting to really enjoy living alone. I did not expect that.


My dreams are always pretty weird.

The last two nights, they’ve been very vivid.

Two nights ago, I dreamt that I was back at the egg donor’s house with her piece of shit racist boyfriend. It was Christmas, but there was no sign of it anywhere. The egg donor asked, “What’s your fucking problem?”

I responded by saying, “I came to visit for Christmas. It would be nice if there was some acknowledgment of the holiday.” But before I could finish my sentence, she was talking over me, to her shithead boyfriend, about something completely unrelated. Pretty par for the course, actually.

Last night I dreamt that I was living on what was basically a commune with about ten other people. We were having a community meeting, and everyone voted for what was dubbed a “forced shared economy.” Everyone agreed that we would share all resources. All of them.

As the meeting was ending, I was pondering what this could mean. I grabbed the attention of one of the other members of the commune and tried to discuss the implications of it with them and get their perspective. I was afraid that it would mean anyone could decide what you were using or even wearing was theirs to use at any time they pleased. “Oh, I like that shirt, take it off and give it to me” someone could say, and because we agreed on a “forced shared economy” you had to give up the shirt off your back right then and there.

While I don’t think dreams are predictive at all, I do believe they are how our brain tries to process things, particularly emotions.

The first dream about the egg donor is pretty straightforward, I think. I know the egg donor doesn’t give a shit about me, and her talking over me and not acknowledging my feelings is basically the story of my life when she was in it. And the fact that I didn’t hear from her on Christmas. No surprise there.

The second dream is a bit of a mystery, but I think it’s my brain trying to process the decision I’ve been trying to make about getting a roommate. I purposely rented a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment so that I have the option of getting a roommate. I can afford to not have a roommate, but I want to have the option just in case money gets tight or if I get too lonely. I’m just not sure if I want to share my home with someone else and have company and be able to pay down my debt faster, or take the time alone to heal and move forward with my life.

Speaking of dreams and sleep, I need to buy a mattress. Since this one has a shitload of awesome reviews on Amazon, I’m going to get this one. Fingers crossed it’s decent!

The Mug Of All Mugs

If you’re a coffee addict like me, you know how important a good mug is.

One of my good friends got me the mug of all mugs for Christmas.

I loved it at first because it is huge and super cute.

But holy hell, I fell even more in love with it today when I forgot my coffee from this morning, only to remember it roughly six hours later.

I don’t know what the fuck possessed me to try six-hour-old coffee, but guess what?


Seriously, get this mug now. You can thank me later.

Update: I have dropped this mug when it was FULL twice now. IT DIDN’T SPILL A DROP EITHER TIME! This thing is a fucking beast!

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

minimalismdocumentaryAt the recommendation of a good friend, I watched Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things today.

This could not have come at a more perfect time as I was stressing about what I ‘need’ to buy for my new apartment.

The documentary taught me to ask myself one simple question before making a purchase.

How will this add value to my life?

If it doesn’t add value to my life, I’m not buying it.

How I Easily Saved $4,800 Per Year

I am totally addicted to coffee. Fortunately, it’s legal, socially acceptable, and cheap. Well, it’s cheap if you aren’t stopping at Dutch Bros twice a day like I was.

I fucking LOVE Dutch Bros. The drinks are so good and their staff is consistently AH-MAZING. No snotty baristas there!

As far as good coffee goes, it’s relatively cheap, but when you go twice a day seven days a week, that shit adds up quick. Like $400 a month quick. Fuck me, right?

So I invested less than two days worth of Dutch Bros to get a French press.

Holy shit. I’m not sure what’s changed my life more. This French press, or the jeggings. I think the French press wins because while the jeggings make my ass look fucking amazing, the French press is saving me $4,800 a year.

Get your French press here.



My only ‘family’ (if you can call it that) is a narcissistic mother (egg donor) that I haven’t heard from in over a year since I told her I didn’t want to talk to her until she was ready to apologize. (More on that another day.)

Christmas is something the egg donor used to use as a reason to buy my love and have something to hold over my head.

Now, not even a text.

The soon-to-be ex-husband’s family celebrates Hanukkah. Unlike my egg donor, his mother actually loves him and enjoys spending the holidays with him. (Don’t get me wrong, she has a LOT of narcissistic tendencies, but I do believe she loves him.) She does happen to get him pretty sweet gifts, but it’s out of love, not to buy his love. (Yeah, major fucking difference that my egg donor has never been able to understand.)

When he came home with a bunch of gifts after celebrating with his family tonight, I instantly started crying. Which naturally led to anger (because anger is easier to deal with than sadness) as I dealt with my emotions while looking like a spoiled brat.

I’m sure he thought I was jealous of the gifts.

It’s not that I’m jealous of the gifts, (ok, the Google Home and Waterpik are fucking awesome) but it was a stark reminder of what I have never and will never have; a (human) family that actually loves me.

Life Changing Pants

I have never been one to give a shit about clothes.

But when one of my friends was wearing this particular pair of pants one day (why the fuck is it called a pair of pants?), I couldn’t help but compliment them. They looked fucking amazing.

Her eyes lit up. “THEY’RE LEGGINGS!”


Sure enough, these feel like leggings but look like a bitchin’ pair of jeans. I bought two for myself (heyoo emotional spending!). One light pair and one dark pair, because duh. Get yourself at least a couple pair here.